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Musings on Coaching Excellence

Just like athletic excellence coaching excellence has been a fascination of mine since I was an athlete in high school. I observed teams and individuals that seemed to “over achieve’ or punch above their weight as the saying goes. The closer I observed and analyzed this the common denominator was coaching. Coaching makes a difference. Over my 45-year professional career I have seen great coaches, good coaches and…


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Musing on Athletic Excellence

Athletic excellence and coaching excellence have been fascinations of mine since I was a young athlete. During the course of my career I have been fortunate to train with, observe and coach some great athletes in both individual and team sports. I have also been able to work with and closely observe some great coaches. In this post I will share my thoughts on athletic excellence and in another post my thoughts on…


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The Endgame

What's the endgame of the strength and conditioning process?  Certainly, I can't answer that for anyone else, but often the endgame is confused with the means how to get there.

For me, the endgame is not necessarily to create the biggest, fastest, or strongest in absolute values, although size, speed, and…


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How Relative?

The word "Relative" readily applies to trying to help develop performance potential in both competitive and tactical athletes.

Now, I'm not talking about the word relative in the sense of your uncles, aunts, and cousins.  I'm talking about the…


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Training, Recovery, and Injury Prevention

Adapted slides from my presentation at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific's 2015 Athlete Advance, an event designed to help educate and inspire British Columbia’s future and current Olympic, Paralympic, and World Championship athletes in their quest for podium performances. This presentation introduces some general concepts to an audience made up of athletes from winter and summer, individual and team, as well as adaptive sports.…


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Definitions to Facilitate Communication & Discussion

In order to facilitate communication it is important to have a common language. These are terms that I think are very important to redirect thinking away from strength & conditioning toward athletic development and to encourage discussion:

Athleticism – The ability to perform athletic movements…


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What is your Coaching Philosophy?

In episode 006 of SPS Performance Concepts Chat, Derek Hansen and I discuss the topic of coaching philosophy:

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The Problem With Training Mindsets

A lot of the athletic and tactical training mindsets that I read, view, and hear about don't make a lot of sense to me.  Way, way too often programs today singularly emphasize the finer aspects of moving a vertical load from point A to point B as "their program."  Nice, but is that really a well thought-out plan or just what is being regurgitated ad…


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Why the first thing taught is the squat.

By Coach Geoff Ballard CSCS, Head of Strength and Conditioning

At East Side, whether you are a seasoned lifter, or a novice to Strength and Conditioning Training, the first lesson you will undergo is proper form in the Barbell Low Bar Back Squat.  There are many reasons why a person should implement the Barbell Squat into their workout regimen, the most prominent being:

1)    The Barbell Back Squat creates a stressed environment on the body that forces adaptation on both the…


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Definition of a Private Strength and Conditioning Facility

By Coach Geoff Ballard CSCS, Head of Strength and Conditioning

We pride ourselves on having created the very best of environments for training your individual overall fitness, power, speed, agility, strength, and conditioning goals.  East Side Athletic Club is Dallas’ Premier Strength and Conditioning facility.  

If you are privileged enough to work out at a center that allows power lifting style workouts (the workouts that make a lot of noise), has Olympic platforms, and a…


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Priority Training

If everything is important then nothing is important. It is necessary to be on target with those components of training that the athlete or teams need to do to improve. It is tempting to try to do everything to insure that all bases are covered. Unfortunately that approach will ultimately dilute the training effect, which limits long-term improvement. In order to prioritize training this is what I consider:…


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When the Alarm Rings

Make no mistake about it, if I am physically training hard enough and/or long enough, training becomes a stressor on the body.  This is a good thing.  However, this stress has to be both monitored and managed for it to be effective in producing positive change within the human body.

In other words, how…


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Come to Evansville Indiana and Learn the Skills


Protect Your Athletes


 Preparing and Protecting Your Athletes For Competition

Strengthening the head, neck and surrounding cervical structures is the ONLY organic contingency within our control to prepare individuals to withstand potentially…


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Join Us - GAIN IX

GAIN_logo_new copy GAIN started in 2007, but the genesis of GAIN goes back to the start of my coaching career in 1969. It quickly became clear to me that anytime I could meet with professional colleagues to exchange ideas that my performance as a coach improved. It really came together for…


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South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - Spring 2016 Internship

Spring 2016 Internship

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is currently accepting applications for 2 UNPAID Strength and Conditioning Internship positions.  The dates which are somewhat flexible, are Jan 13th – April 29th.  Selected interns will be working with all 11 sports at SD Mines, including football.


Interns will assist strength staff with the implementation of strength and conditioning…


Added by Bret Miguez, MS,CSCS,SCCC,USAW1 on November 12, 2015 at 5:22pm — No Comments

Training the Once-A-Week Athlete

My thoughts around training strategies for athletes you have limited coaching time with.

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Get Strong and Fit With Wheelbarrow Exercises

Wheelbarrow exercises organized into complexes offer a serious conditioning challenge. The exercises are similar to Farmer's Walks, but the instability you must control adds a unique core control element. The tension created throughout your body increases testosterone production and builds muscle, making it a great way to finish off a workout.…


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2 Advanced Ab Rollout Variations for a Stronger Core

Rollouts are one of the best moves to develop the core. But if you have a strong core, traditional barbell or ab wheel Rollouts may leave something to be desired. Like any other type of training, as you get stronger, you need to make the exercise tougher.

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Challenge Your Core With Unconventional Loaded Carry Variations

It's surprising to me that more gym-goers don't perform loaded carry exercises. Occasionally you see someone walking around with one or two dumbbells, but most people spend their time on old-school ab exercises, like Sit-Ups or Crunches. As coach Dan John said, "Loaded carries are a secret because no one wants to do them."…


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Full-Body Training: 4 Dumbbell Ring Training Exercises

When combining rings and dumbbells, you need to start slow. A proper progression starts with isometric holds before moving on to dynamic movements. But this is still challenging. If you do a body weight Pull-Up on a stable object like a bar, the only moving object is your body. All you have to worry about is pulling your body to reach the bar. But when performing ring training, you cannot rely on the stability of a bar; you have to stabilize the rings while performing the various…


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