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Human Performance Training Model, Part 2: From the Ground Up Approach

When discussing the Human Performance Model for training athletes/warrior athletes, one challenge that arises is having…


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Stanford’s Distinct Training Regimen Redefines Strength

Stanford’s Distinct Training Regimen Redefines Strength

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Inside the Stanford weight room earlier this football season, there were weight vests and wooden sticks and core boards. There were kettle bells and roller pads and something called a Bod Pod, a white, egg-shaped contraption that measures body fat.  …


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Coaching is Teaching

How do you teach? How you reach determines you effectiveness as a coach. It was drilled into me when I was in college and student coaching that coaching was teaching. Fortunately early in my career I was mentored by and coached with some great teacher /coaches. As I reflect on that I realize how fortunate I was to have those influences. When I look at young coaches today I don’t see the same emphasis on teaching. I see…


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Wooden, Follow-up

A few weeks back, Mr. Gambetta posted some very interesting thoughts about John Wooden.  I've done a little digging and found the actual research studies produced on the net.  They are both great reads.  I actually really like the earlier study as it reminds me of some of the older physical education literature which was very "task oriented."  I hope you enjoy these…


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What Matters

In life and in coaching it is important to focus on what matters. What matters most is relationships – people – the human element. It seems like this has been an ongoing theme in the blog this year. In today’s world of fast information and big data it is easy to forget that the numbers, data, scientific measurements are one-dimensional – we coach people who are multidimensional. They are not machines, they respond to…


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2013 Books of the Year

So far in 2013 I have read 124 books (Still a week to go so I probably will end with 127). Needless to say I am a confirmed serial bibliophile. I did not include any novels in this list, no particular reason. I am a big Michael Connelly fan, saving his new book, The Gods of Guilt, for next week. Also have just started reading Lee Child, good escape reading. Next year my plan is to go back and…


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USATF Coaching Education Program – 30 Year Later

Yesterday when I working on two chapters for the new and revised Level One Coaching Manual to be published by Human Kinetics I realized that thirty years ago this past week was when we had out first instructor training school and curriculum development meeting. We gathered at Cal State University, Long Beach. Ron Buss was the women’s track coach there and he graciously took…


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Elitefts Three Questions with Dennis Cuturic

After meeting with Dennis Cuturic at a Starbucks outside the A.J. Palumbo Center, two things stood out about him—his passion and his enthusiasm for strength and conditioning.  Cuturic has been the strength and conditioning coach for the Dukes’ men’s and women’s basketball teams for the past four years. Before arriving at Duquensne, Cuturic was an assistant at his alma mater Cleveland State and was a graduate assistant at Utah State earning a master’s degree in corporate wellness.…


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Duke's Goalie Training

Duke's Goalie Training

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GAIN 2014

GAIN_logo_new copy The Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network (GAIN) is a community of professionals interested in learning and sharing to improve their abilities and enhance their professional status.



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John Wooden – Master Teacher

Wooden Coaching is teaching and no one epitomizes that more than John Wooden. He was a teacher of basketball and life; his classroom was the basketball court. It is no coincidence that many of his ideas about coaching were forged in the classroom as a high school English teacher.…


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All too often, when I talk with others in the field about Human Performance training for tactical warriors or sports athletes, the discussion ends up centering around improving 1-rep maxes on certain…


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Twitter Coaching

New_twitter_logo As you know the goal of Twitter is get you message across in 140 characters or less. Over the years as I have observed great coaches I have seen what I call Twitter coaching. Great coaches are great teachers who get their message across in a very succinct on point manner.…


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Lest We Forget

We coach people, not football players, tennis players, swimmers or jumpers! Remember athletes are not data points on a graph, Chris McCormack, Ironman Champion said it best: "We’re athletes. We’re not integers in a formula.” Coaching is something we do with the the athlete, not to the athlete. It is a collaborative process. Focus on the person…


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Coaching Classics

I know I have published this list of coaching classics before but there are many new readers to the blog and followers on Twitter @coachgambetta and friends on Facebook and Google Plus who have not seen it. These are classic works that I think every coach should read. They span a range of areas from scientific and technical to sport sociology. Just as with any classic they are timeless. They are rich with knowledge. There…


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Practice Breaker – Lectures

Starting practice with a long lecture is a surefire way to ruin the training session. Coaches are good at talking and love to talk, but the start of practice is not the time and place. Recognize that the athletes are there to train, not to listen to a lecture. My rule of thumb is three minutes of talking that consists of very specific instructions pertaining to the training…


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When do you stop a food fight?

Last week’s blog post ended with the following question:

Should we move forward with training an athlete who has not completed the pre-assessment forms that we provided to them?

For each one of us there could be a range of factors that influence whether we move forward with training an athlete/fitness client that has not completed the pre-assessment forms that we have asked for:

  1. If you work for someone else it might not be up to you, if you want to move forward or not…

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Practice Breaker – Lines

Perhaps the mo026 st common practice breaker I see is lines. I was watching a soccer practice recently where 18 players…


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