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The Importance of Being Stupid

A colleague of mine shared this article by Martin A. Schwartz entitled “The Importance of stupidity in scientific research” Naturally it got me thinking how important being stupid is in coaching. Preparing an athlete for high-level performance can at times certainly leave you feeling stupid. That is OK! Nobody has it…


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So much to be happy for. Appreciate those around YOU!

It has admittedly be awhile since I sent out an update about We have been going 100 mph with training, team commitments, holidays, and family. Since my last message we have shared conversations with a incredible group of guests. Jedd Johnson (Grip Sport Champion), Derek Hansen (speed convo), Buddy Morris (NFL Cardinals), Stacy Torman (UAB college strength coach), Bryan Miller (Navy Football), Matt Gifford (combine…


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Strength Training & Coordination: Are You Possibly Training Your Athletes the Wrong Way?

What if there was a BETTER way to train your athletes?

In this brand new podcast series Coach Frans Bosch and I go in-depth in his book 'Strength Training & Coordination'.

In part one we discuss the following:

  • "Seeing strength training as a way of staying close to..." pg…

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Reason why you are not getting bigger

Reason #1 Your training is wrong.

For too long so many people get mad when they do not make the gains they expect.  They get these workouts from magazines, off websites etc… expecting to make huge gains and when they make no gains they give up.  There could be a number of reasons for this but here are some which stand out:

~Not everyone is made the same (We are all different)

~Not everyone is at the same level of lifting…


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According to Webster, Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.  Doesn't this concept apply directly to strength and…


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Activity and Achievement

One of my very favorite quotes by former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden is "Never mistake activity for achievement."  Sure, it sounds nice, but putting this into strength and conditioning…


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My 2015 Books of the Year

As regular readers of this blog you know I am a voracious reader. This year so far (The year is not done yet) I have read 123 books. If I am not on plane traveling or coaching I am usually reading. This is a habit instilled in me by my mother with weekly trips to the library when I was just starting to read. My interests are quite eclectic as you can see by my list. They appear in rank order but after the first three…


Added by Vern Gambetta on December 22, 2015 at 10:27am — 1 Comment

Evolution of a Strength Coach: The 4 Stages of Maturity

Coaching and teaching are the two most important jobs in this country. No other profession allows mentors to hold young people accountable to others through their actions and behaviors. We need strong coaches that coach for the right reasons. You may not sell as many eBooks or get as many likes, but the impact you make will overshadow all external rewards.

Coaching is a selfless profession which requires more sacrifice and less ego than any other.…


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The Case for Lifting 3x per Week (Instead of 4x)

In the past few months, there has been a strong argument put out for lifting less during the week for offseason training. Normal logic has the majority of coaches opting for the 4x per week method: More lifting with sufficient rest = bigger gains. However, two leaders in the S&C field - with a lot of success to their names - have strongly advocated for reexamining why we train our athletes in the weight room that one extra day.

Recently, Training and Conditioning Magazine…


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GAIN IX June 14 - 18, 2016 - Join Us

GAIN_logo_new copy GAIN 2016 will take place June 14 to 18 at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The program is open to sport coaches, conditioning coaches, physical education teachers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors.…


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Strength Coach Salaries

What do you think about the rising tide (pardon the pun given the below article) of strength coach salaries?  Way overdue?  

, USA TODAY Sports 7:29 p.m. EST December 14, 2015

Strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran is staying with Nick…


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Coaching – A Creative Process

The process of creative coaching it is the ability to see the same skill, the same movement and see something different than everyone else is seeing or has seen. Coaching is constant iteration, prototyping, tinkering to get it right for that athlete and team. Coaching is not a reductionist paint by numbers algorithm. Each athlete is a case study of one. The creative process recognizes that the body is smart and that when…


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Key Abilities - Stayability


You might call this perseverance. Sticking with it through thick and thin. Staying the course. Having the confidence to set a goal and relentlessly pursue that goal no matter what the obstacles. Stayability is falling down and getting up again and moving forward. Learning from experiences both…


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Monitoring, Technology, and Coaching

In episode 008 of SPS Performance Concepts Chat, I get the opportunity to speak with Dana Agar-Newman, a Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Canadian Rugby Sevens Women's National Team.  In our conversation, we delve into Dana's robust athlete monitoring system, and talk technology, as well as the art of coaching.…


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Key Abilities - Availability


Former NFL coach Tony Dungy has said that the most important ability for an athlete is availability. 40 years before Tony Dungy I learned that in 1964 from Jimmy Fugisaka, our equipment manager at Fresno State. I was sitting in the whirlpool because I was “sore” after what I though was a hard…


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Key Abilities - Dependability


The athlete is dependable. They are always there when you need them. You trust the athlete to go ahead and take ownership and command when necessary. They are there every workout in mind and body; they don’t just show up and go through the motions. They consistent in their approach win lose or…


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Why the Weight Room is the Ultimate Team Sport

It's an endless debate: What is the ultimate team sport? For years, each sport has made its case by framing the many areas in which a team can succeed - and fail - based on the whole team's performance.

There is no reason to mince words: The weight room is the ultimate team sport.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. The Weight Room Doesn't Care How Talented an Athlete Is

Of all the characteristics that help athletes become great during…


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Key Abilities

For an athlete to be successful there are certain key abilities that go beyond physical abilities. These abilities are in some ways intangible, however they are quite observable over time and they go a long way to determining the athletes chances at being successful. Remember though there are no guarantees. These abilities must be turned into action.…


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Building a Winning Culture - featuring Al Vermeil

In the newest episode of's Performance Concepts Chat, Derek Hansen has the pleasure of speaking with legendary strength coach, Al Vermeil, on his experience with creating a winning environment. Coach Vermeil speaks about how he used positive reinforcement and visualization, particularly as a football coach, to help athletes under his charge to achieve their full potential, despite the odds. He also discusses his strategies as a young athlete to achieve success,…


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