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2019 Fall Internship Positions Available

TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERISITY – INTERNSHIP PROGRAM TCU currently has internship position available for the 2019 Fall Semester

Internships through the TCU Strength & Conditioning department are currently available for the 2019 Fall semester for those who would like to pursue a career in Strength & Conditioning. The TCU Strength & Conditioning Department is a teaching department that offers our interns hands-on experience as well as prepares them to become…


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7 Advantages of Total Body Splits

7 Advantages of Total Body Splits

Total body training days have their advantages and disadvantages as do every program any athlete has ever done.  Many coaches will tell you the best program is the one you’re not on right now.  There is always a time and place for a variety of programs a coach may design in an athlete’s long term development. One of the more common constructs of training we see are the 4-Day Upper / Lower…


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Humeral Retroversion - Part V

Continuation on the shoulder series at

Our shoulder series continues with Part V today with a little bit about humeral retroversion in the overhead athlete. If you missed the previous sections you can find them below.…


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Internal Impingement of the Shoulder - PART IV

Part IV of the shoulder series that I have going at

Last week we visited external impingement in the shoulder, how it arises, and what to do. This week we'll take a look at internal impingement. Internal impingement is a pathologic condition that can lead to a whole host of problems in the shoulder. This problem is most commonly seen in overhead throwing athletes, tennis players, volleyball…


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External Impingement - PART III

Another post in the shoulder series I have at my blog at

Continuing on with Part III of our shoulder series we come to impingement and its different forms. There is internal, and external impingement. Each comes with its own set of problems as well as treatments. If you haven't caught the other two previous parts you can find them below.…


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Shoulder Series and the Sleeper - Part II

We'll continue our shoulder series with Part II today. Be sure to read Part I if you haven't already at

So with the athlete in question that we talked about in Part I the overwhelming question is what do we do with him now.…


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Shoulder Mobility and the Fist to Fist - Part I

This is a post that appeared yesterday on my blog at It is Part I of a series on the shoulder that I am doing.

Since the first week of school is upon us this means one thing for the baseball program at TCU; movement screens. The last 4 days of my life have been evaluating, measuring, and deciphering movement. I recently uploaded a few videos that give some quality examples of the overhead squat,…


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Warm-ups Overrated???

This is a post from a few days ago on my blog at

There was an interesting article a few weeks back in the New York Times titled The Right Way to Warm Up Is (Your Answer Here).

In it there are several varying opinions on the necessity of a warm-up. Exercise researchers weigh… Continue

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The Box Jump

<div class="mceTemp mceIEcenter" style="text-align: left;">This is a previous post from last week at my blog

So for quite a while I've had some issues with the box jump. I know many coaches who use the box jump extensively as a training exercise, as well as a form of testing. In healthy athletes it may not be as much of a problem, but anyone who has had any type of lower back disc issues high box…


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The all-knowing doctor!

The following is from my blog at

Orthopedic surgeons know what they're talking about when it comes to the body. . . . . .sometimes!?!? While I value a Doctor's opinion when it comes to assessing and diagnosing joint, and tissue injuries I don't often value their opinion on sports performance.



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Upper Crossed Syndrome II

This is the second part of Upper Crossed Syndrome that appeared at my blog With upper crossed syndrome the first thing we need to work on is releasing the over-active area including the pectoralis complex as well as the levator scapula and upper traps. There are several methods of decreasing the tone in the over-active group. Soft tissue work is by far my…

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Upper Crossed Syndrome

Post from my blog at on March 9.

A few weeks back we took a look at Lower Crossed Syndrome (Part I / Part II) in which the glutes and rectus abdominus are weak and inhibited…


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Are your scaps working?

A quick post from my website yesterday at

When we do pulling movements we should be thinking about retraction and depression of the scapulae (shoulder blades). Many athletes perform pulling movements incorrectly, compensating with humeral hyperextension. In humeral hyperextension the humerus moves behind the torso with no action coming from the…


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What you may not know about the pushup!!!

This post originally appeared on my blog about a month ago. I get a lot of feedback on it, so I thought I would throw it on here as well. You can find more at Thanks. Hope you enjoy.
The pushup is quite easily one of the…

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I post training info almost everyday for coaches, athletes, and parents @ Feel free to check it out! Thanks.

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