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Simple decision rules can reduce reinjury risk by 84% after ACL reconstruction

Returning to level I sports after ACL reconstruction leads to a more than 4-fold increase in reinjury rates over 2 years. RTS 9 months or later after surgery and more symmetrical quadriceps strength prior to return substantially reduce the reinjury rate.…


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Load management and Injury prevention in tennis

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Hurricanes are the new Super Rugby champions…And they prepared their triumph with AthleteMonitoring!

New Zealand’s Hurricanes, won the Super Rugby championship, arguably the toughest professional rugby competition on the planet. They beat South Africa’s Lions 20-3, and they prepared with AthleteMonitoring.



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The human brain outsmarts sport technology (perceived fatigue vs. HRV)

Self-ratings of morning fatigue, sleep quality & DOMS works better than HRV measurements to monitor daily fluctuation of player readiness. . Another proof that technologies are good but monitoring athletes' perceptions are better.

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Excellent video "External vs Internal Load" by leading sports scientist

Excellent video "External vs Internal Load" by leading sports scientist Dr Inigo Mujika

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Monitor differential RPEs to better interpret match loads

Differential RPE (breathlessness, leg exertion, technical demand) helps interpreting match loads  . Use to track them easily 


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How to increase compliance to your athlete monitoring program

Use this slideshow to show your athletes WHY their participation is crucial and HOW spending a few minutes each day to record data will allow them to train harder and safer.  Download the presentation here…


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Acute:chronic workload ratio key to minimize risk

Tim Gabbett's acute:chronic workload ratio is a key to minimize risk and maximize fitness...Track it easily with…


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Subjective measures of fatigue, sleep quality, DOMS better than heart rate indices

New study shows that subjective measures of fatigue, sleep quality, DOMS are more sensitive than heart rate indices to detect daily fluctuations in training load in elite soccer players.…


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20 Tips for a Successful Athlete Monitoring Program

This article includes 20 tips and tricks from experienced coaches, therapists and researchers that will help you implement and manage an effective, sport-specific and financially sustainable athlete monitoring program.


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How to Train Smarter and Harder : Monitor optimal training loads

Evidence-based athlete monitoring is key to train smarter and harder and preventing injuries. And it is both simple and cost-effective as described in this must read paper from Tim Gabbett

The app automates the monitoring of all parameters described in this paper (week-to-week load change,…


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