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Improve Your Dribbling in the Paint With These Ball Handling Drills

In the past, basketball dribbling drills were practiced separately from sports performance training. However, we have found ways to increase ball handling skill through those drills while also increasing explosive movements needed to accelerate past a defender. This skill is especially valuable when you're in the paint or one-on-one against a defender.

These drills push the basketball athlete beyond the comfort zone, taking their ball handling skills to the next…


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Get Strong and Fit With Wheelbarrow Exercises

Wheelbarrow exercises organized into complexes offer a serious conditioning challenge. The exercises are similar to Farmer's Walks, but the instability you must control adds a unique core control element. The tension created throughout your body increases testosterone production and builds muscle, making it a great way to finish off a workout.…


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2 Advanced Ab Rollout Variations for a Stronger Core

Rollouts are one of the best moves to develop the core. But if you have a strong core, traditional barbell or ab wheel Rollouts may leave something to be desired. Like any other type of training, as you get stronger, you need to make the exercise tougher.

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Challenge Your Core With Unconventional Loaded Carry Variations

It's surprising to me that more gym-goers don't perform loaded carry exercises. Occasionally you see someone walking around with one or two dumbbells, but most people spend their time on old-school ab exercises, like Sit-Ups or Crunches. As coach Dan John said, "Loaded carries are a secret because no one wants to do them."…


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Full-Body Training: 4 Dumbbell Ring Training Exercises

When combining rings and dumbbells, you need to start slow. A proper progression starts with isometric holds before moving on to dynamic movements. But this is still challenging. If you do a body weight Pull-Up on a stable object like a bar, the only moving object is your body. All you have to worry about is pulling your body to reach the bar. But when performing ring training, you cannot rely on the stability of a bar; you have to stabilize the rings while performing the various…


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Advanced Anti-Rotation Core Strengthening Exercises

Core-strengthening exercises such as Landmine progressions are among the most versatile tools used by trainers. In the videos above, I demonstrate some of my favorite anti-rotation Landmine exercises. Performing any rotational movement should be sport-specific, bracing the core while limiting trunk rotation to create adequate core and hip stability as well as sufficient range of motion for your sport.…


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Coaches: Prevent Injuries With the Recovery Management Tool

As coaches, our first goal is to keep our athletes healthy. Yes, improving their performance is important—and it's what we get paid to do. But an injured athlete cannot play, no matter how strong or fast we trained him or her to be. So, we need to sort the information available to us and identify the athletes who are most at risk for an injury before it happens.…


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Develop a Bulletproof Core With Advanced Barbell Rollouts


Rollouts are one of the best exercises for developing an athletic core. But if you have a strong core, standard Ab Wheel Rollouts and Barbell Rollouts may be a bit easy for you. Luckily, there are some ways you can increase the difficulty of the exercise to continue challenging your core. Some of these movements even work other areas of your body.…


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Win the Fourth Quarter With These Basketball Sled Push Finishers

When we think of Weighted Sled Pushes, the first athletes who come to mind are football players. You might be surprised, then, to learn how beneficial Sled Pushes are for basketball players. The Sled Push and its variations can be great additions at the end of any basketball player's workout, because they increase knee drive, aid in glute development, ensure a quick first step and engage the entire musculature of the body.

Unlike most other types of resistance work, Sled Pushes have…


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Angle of attack versus the Coefficient of the Lift – Examining the Pull from an Aviation Standpoint


Where is the critical angle of attack during the pull of any Olympic or bodyweight lift? I have observed a stall speed from the concentric phase (the angle of attack), which causes the movement to become difficult unless the stall speed is matched with effective aerodynamics and joint angles of the movement. The greatest part of the lift is produced when the critical angle of attack is reached, which in aviation is called the “burble point”. Side note: which can be applied to…


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