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Dynavision Reaction Trainer featured on ESPN Sport Science NASCAR Segment

Dynavision Sports’ D2 technology was featured this weekend on ESPN Sport Science. The device was used to test NASCAR driver Carl Edwards’ reaction time in varying conditions. 


The D2 contains a sphere of buttons that light up in random succession and is designed to measure, track and improve reaction time, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination and other visual-motor skills. During the Sport Science segment, Edwards had to call out random flashing numbers and track…


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Dynavision D2 Visual-Motor Reaction Training Device on EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION

Don’t Miss This Sunday’s ABC TV Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Sunday February 20, 2011; 8PM / 7PM central


Performance Enterprises, maker of the Dynavision D2™ is honored to have been invited by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to play a small part in providing a new home for Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler, who was severely wounded in the Nov. 5, 2009, shooting at Fort Hood. To…


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Sports Vision Training Research in Germany!

Dynavision Sports is not the only company that understands the value of vision training. In fact, a group in Germany called Dynamic Eye is currently working on a case study to further explore the field of sports vision. Our Dynavision D2 – among other technology – plays a large role in this research...

Click here to learn more about this on-going study through a Q&A conversation and to see a cool video, highlighting all the equipment used:… Continue

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The Batting Crisis in MLB...

There seems to be an epidemic of poor batting in the world of baseball right now.

As USA Today reported, “Major league hitters were humbled this year in a season that featured the fewest runs per game since 1992, five no-hitters, countless near-misses and two perfect games that should have been…


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U.S. Nationals Top Fuel Winner Larry Dixon Endorses Dynavision D2

Most of us are not and will never be professional drag racers. But if you’ve ever driven a go-kart – or even a car for that matter – you know the importance of reaction time and peripheral vision.

That’s why NHRA superstar Larry Dixon made the decision to start integrating our Dynavision D2 into his training regimen. He was dominating Top Fuel long before he took the championship this past weekend – but a true athlete never stops looking for…


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Sports Vision Training -- It's What We Do...

Have you ever wished you or your athletes could react to that hit, pitch or kick just a little bit faster; that you or your athletes could focus on the action in front of them while staying acutely aware of plays happening all around as well; that you or your athletes could improve agility, hand-eye coordination and performance overall?

At Dynavision Sports, we believe in the power of sports vision training. You can find sport-specific… Continue

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