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Lessons about mastering movement from Mr. Miyagi

If you look around on a daily basis, you will find numerous lessons about movement and the proficiency of it in-sport. That is, if we choose to look at things through the right lens.

Honestly, one of my favorite places that I personally find these types of lessons is in motion pictures...especially the classics such as The Karate Kid.

Because of this, I decided to whip together a Special Report with a list of the top lessons that we could all learn from one of the…


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Movement skill lessons I learned from failing at swimming

Weird title I know...but it's an analogy I often use when NFL players start with me and I must trace their steps back a bit. In fact, it's common for me to regress some of the drills that are incorporated; many of which they have performed countless times before but they have been allowed to execute in ways that I believe have led to numerous compensational patterns & behavioral habits in their movement skills.

Click on the link below to hear an expansion of these…


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Football Agility: It's not about the strength

I know that my thoughts in the blog post that I wrote here probably won't be the most popular among many S&C Coaches in our field. And, honestly, that's perfectly fine. However, I firmly believe that we must look much more closely at how complex the football agility equation really is & begin to constructively think of ways in which we can impact each of the important factors at-hand in its regard.


To read the full blog, click this link:…


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Top 10 Things To Improve Your Athlete's Movement

As Strength & Conditioning Professionals we are all in the business of improving sport movement.


Because of that, I compiled a Special Report for my business, Movement Mastery, that I wanted to offer you today. This Report included my Top 10 Things That You You Can Do To Improve Your Athlete's Movement.


You can access the…


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Using sport movement analysis as your screening tool

Professionals often get confused when they hear that I use my analysis of on-field/in-sport movement as my screening regarding who that athlete is and what I feel the best plan of attack heading forward is for him to realize higher levels of sport movement mastery.

Sport movement as it occurs in its organic environment can be awfully complex & sometimes confusing for those unfamiliar with its breakdown. Because of this, I put together a How-To report regarding exactly what it is… Continue

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A 'Movement Coach' in American Football?

Anyone who follows my work knows that I have been on a kick for quite some time regarding the overall lack of teaching targeted towards technical movement execution in American Football especially as it pertains to the higher levels of qualification (i.e. the National Football League).


Because of this, I whipped together a 2-part blog targeting this issue and a potential remedy for it. This solution centers on the introduction of a 'Movement Coach/Specialist' position into…


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But this is how we've always done it

I have been spending each day over the last couple weeks making the trek around the League to watch my personal athletes perform at their respective training camps. Well, so far this week, I have experienced some things from both football coaches and strength coaches alike that I believe everyone should take some time to re-think their approach with...and thus, I wrote a blog about those thoughts that you can read at my football performance site listed below.

All in all, I believe…


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What S&C Coaches should do for their players while at Training Camp

With the start of NFL Training Camps this past week, many of my peers in the industry and the workplace, as well as many of my family and friends, inevitably believe that it is time for me to take a break. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, in my mind, now is the time when the rubber truly hits the road and my athletes actually need me the most. It’s not only time to see the fruits of our extensive labor (when I say “our” I mean my players and myself) over the past…


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Who is in charge of the movement?

I am very excited to see a number of teams across the league (speaking here of the NFL) beef up their 'sport science' programs where they are filling formerly non-existent roles of Sport Science Directors or Performance Mangers. I think this has been a long overdue step that needed to be taken if America's most popular and prosperous sport will continue to evolve even further. That all said, I think there is still a void of staffers on a team that should be considered if the performance of…


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2014 NFL Draft - Thoughts about draftees' movement

With so many getting psyched & ready in the final moments before this year's rendition of the NFL Draft begins, I thought some here may want to read a few short breakdowns regarding some of the most efficient movers that are likely to hear their names called over the next number of days.


For those of you who don't know, one of the main purposes of my blog is to analyzing the on-field movement charactertistics and physical qualities of guys playing in the NFL. However,…


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Football Speed vs. Track Speed

A number of months ago, I wrote a 3-part series regarding both the similarities and differences between the structure of track speed versus that on the football field (and many other team sports for that matter). I thought many on SPN may find these ideas and the accompanying discussion helpful as they design their training programs for the upcoming summer training periods where in-sport/on-field speed starts to take greater priority in the plans of many.

Part 1;…


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Jadeveon Clowney - Movement Analysis & Breakdown

With the NFL Draft now only a week away (FINALLY!), I thought some of you may be interested in checking out a recent post that I wrote on Jadeveon Clowney for my football-specific movement/preparation blog.

If you read it, you will see that I offer a little different view of the matters at hand. In addition, when looking around the blog you will also see a great deal of content & information regarding my philosophical approach towards movement analysis and physical preparation for…


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