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Athlete Nutrition

In this article, I developed a brief overview of how athlete's should take care of their body's in order to achieve optimal performance. Obviously this isn't the PERFECT method, but my article Athlete Nutrition - 5 Things To Focus On is a  definite method and approach that athletes should…


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Understanding Youth Sports Psychology: How To Ensure Your Athletes Stay Motivated & Have Fun

Hey guys, check out my latest artciel on Youth Sports Psycholody on STACK magazines internet weblink here:

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Get Faster and Prevent Injury With These Hamstring Exercises

Hey guys, I've recently wrote an article on developing hamstring strength with these injury preventing hamstring exercises which can also add an increase of speed for your athletes.  Here is the link for check it out :

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Drills that are guaranteed to increase your athletes' running speed!

Hey coaches, what's going on?  Check it out, I am now an expert contributor for STACK magazine and am writing articles on a bunch of stuff!  Even better news, once I get my artciles published I will be blogging them on strength performance network for you guys to look at.

So this one is another one of my articles.  This is about 4 drills, that I've personally used with my atheltes, that are guaranteed 100% speed development in athletes for all ages.  Check it out by clicking on the…


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Increasing Strength at the Shoulder Joint

< a href='' title='The BIG 50 Shoulder Workout' >The BIG 50 Shoulder Workout</a>

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The Big 50 Shoulder Workout

Check out my article for an INTENSE shoulder workout!

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Tips To Decreasing 5-10-5 Agility Shuttle Time

The 5-10-5 agility shuttle is the staple for finding out how quick an athlete is simply because it defines the word agility to its exact science.  The ability to accelerate, decelerate, stop, and reaccelerate without losing balance is basically all summed up in this one drill.  But how can we do all of this in a matter of the fastest time possible?  Simple.  Just as you are trying to get your Olympic lifts more explosive and your 40 yard dash time faster, you must have an increased…


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Tips To Running A Faster 40 Yard Dash Time

Running the 40 yard dash is a skill not a race. Most people just line up and go about running the 40, but do they really understand how to line up correctly and take off in the right manner? Well, we at the Parisi Speed School in Fair Lawn NJ understand every single aspect from 0-40; training over 1,000 athletes over the past decade and decreasing every single 40 yard dash time that came in through the door. Not only in high school athletes, but in college and pro as well.  Here I have 10…


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Circuit Training Day 2 - Weight Room

The circuit went as followed:

3 rounds with a set of drills with 3 sets in each round.  This time, the circuit is done in the weight room.

Each drill lasted 30 seconds with a 30 second rest between drills, with no drink inside of a set. Once they have completed all the drills in a single set, they recieved a 1 minute rest with no drink. They have 3 sets in each round. Once they have completed all three sets in a single round, give athletes a 5minute rest with a drink.  Then go into…


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Circuit training - day 1

Yesturday i started circuit training my 2 football players from Hudson Catholic h.s in Jersey City, NJ. I have been training these two consistantly for 2 years now, and strengths have improved dramatically as well as speed times decreasing, and vertical jumps in the 30's. I felt like this is a great time of the year to circuit train them so that yhey can inxrease mental toughness and self-confidence.

The circuit went as followed:

3 rounds of 4 drills with 3 sets in each… Continue

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