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Another Fantastic College Football Weekend

Well, another great weekend of battles on the college gridiron has come to a close. I continue to be amazed at the difference a finely integrated strength and conditioning program can make in a team's ability to compete in the second half of football games. Those of you who were able to catch the Florida State vs. University of Miami football game understand exactly what I mean.

Whether these two teams are competing for a national championship or not, one can usually expect an intense on-field affair during their annual "friendly". With Miami down 24-3 at halftime, however, it appeared that this game was going to be a sleeper. What the audience failed to realize was that Miami's Will remained strong and, because of their conditioning program their bodies were ready for a second-half fight. This is a testament to Andreu Swasey's leadership as UM's head strength and conditioning coach. Further, Miami does not underestimate the importance of the nutritional side of athletic development. Rather, they have created an excellent resource for all of their University student-athletes by establishing a "Sports Performance" program led by Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, LMHC-UM Sports Nutritionist.

We all know that while it's important to be able to be prepared both mentally and physically to explode "out of the box" at the start of the game. Maintaining and/or building on that physical and mental strength as a game/event goes on, often proves to be just as important and executing "x's and o's" when separating the winners from the losers as the clock strikes zero. While Miami came up just short in this 41-39 shootout, it wasn't for a lack of mental and/or physical preparation.

I'm interested in your thoughts on other games from this past weekend you felt provided examples of transferring off-field mental and physical preparation onto the gridiron.

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Comment by David Harris on October 12, 2008 at 12:25am
I agree. It's taken years of dedication, but Vanderbilt is finally receiving dividends for the tremendous effort they put in prior to and during their season. Keep an eye out for a Vanderbilt program profile in the near future.
Comment by Brian Remington on October 6, 2008 at 6:06pm
How about Vandy? They just keep going and going...Coach Sisk and his staff do a great job with those guys and it shows. Week after week they weather the opposing teams initial attack and stay in it by fighting back relentlessly and outlasting their opponnent.

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