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3 Things a Coach MUST Do When Getting Data From An Athlete

The mission of the Coach Your Best podcast is to create a conversation designed to provide you with tips and strategies to help make your athletes better!

This episode with Coach Carl Valle does just that!

Here in part one of our conversation we talk all things 'testing and performance' including:

  • What does Carl mean by 'Constellations' when testing athletes?
  • How many tests are needed to see a trend?
  • Difference between global vs specific testing
  • What about coaches who are slave to numbers and feel pressure for job preservation?
  • Carl's thoughts on testing for recovery and fatigue
  • The relationship between athlete monitoring and the high school athlete
  • Can high school athlete's differentiate between distribution of effort?
  • Why 'presence' is a simple data metric
  • Carl's rule for creating a wellness questionairre
  • 3 Things a Coach MUST do when getting data from an athlete
  • Plus more!!!

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