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A suprising obstacle to creating individualized training programs

In last week’s blog post, I wrote about the importance of helping the athlete/client to identify their “WHY” as well as creating the strongest WHY possible.

With The Flexible Periodization Method in the initial conversation/consultation, you have already gathered information about the athlete/client through pre-assessment forms.

These forms are the “test before the test.”

Is the athlete/client serious enough about their goal that they are willing to invest 1-2 hours in giving me the information I need to create the RIGHT program with the RIGHT goals?

Is the athlete/client comfortable with paperwork?

Most athletes/clients send the forms back right away, but I have also experienced

  • Only half of the forms returned.
  • Some saying “Can’t you just give me a program?”
  • “I don’t want to pay to fill out paperwork.”

If I experience problems with getting the forms back I typically explain that

  • “the information in the forms is what I need to create an individualized training program for you.”
  • “filling out the forms is a good chance for you to review, for yourself, where you are at right now.”

In some cases this extra explanation seems to make the athlete/client embrace the importance of the pre-assessment. In other cases this extra explanation has no effect.

Should we move forward with training an athlete, who has not given us the pre-assessment forms that we have asked for?

What’s your opinion/experience? Leave a comment!

Thank You for reading to the end of this blog post!
Karsten Jensen, MSc., Strength Coach

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