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I've been really fortunate in my career to have been around some very successful coaches and other professionals in my field and in life, too.  But, I've been around some not so good coaches, too.  Helping developing athletes is both a science and an art.  There's a tremendous amount of information that has to be considered I think to try and develop a successful "process."  

For me, I can't define one area of my experience that is more beneficial than another other than this yearning to continue to evolve the process, to re-learn it, and to think differently about it than I did just a short time ago.  You see, every situation is a little different, every athlete or warrior-athlete is too.  I've found that focusing too much attention on one area takes away from others. For example, being falsely obsessed with power or speed.

I've learned so much from coaches I never knew existed several years ago, but I keep digging, I keep asking, I keep seeking.  One tool that's really helped me is to video training sessions and then analyzing.  Here, I analyze really for my mistakes. Mistakes in teaching, in not correcting errors, for spotting gaps in the process.  I simply love to do this.  For me, it doesn't get any better than that.  I try and use others as well to help with oversight, too. Think about it, if you just did one research project and said, yes, I nailed it, would you really make much progress?  Or, would the old adage creep in, "dare not look."

Science is knowledge, it's objective research, its understanding, but it's also learning.  It's being smart enough, too, to spot bozocity in product-marketing, in the emptiness of bravado, and faulty training methods.  The art of developing athletes is creative, its sometimes spontaneous, it's taking risks and not being afraid to fail.  However, a word of caution is we do not work with an inanimate canvas, but human beings.  So, realize that art must be intertwined with prudence.

Lastly, those who have influenced me as a professional have come from many, many different backgrounds, they'e all helped shape who I am today.  I don't want my understanding coming from a narrow view as this only leads to a dimply lit, narrow path ahead and confusion.  

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