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Athletic Republic Boasts New Vision Training Program

Monroe, La. – Nov. 18, 2010 – The Athletic Republic of North Louisiana: Monroe and Shreveport Facilities has implemented a new vision training program for its athletes, through the adoption of an I-SPAN Reactive Trainer device. Dynavision Sports is the maker of the I-SPAN, a diagnostic instrument designed for measurement, analysis and improvement of all forms of movement including acceleration, agility, explosive reaction, endurance and more. “The sky is the limit with the I-SPAN,” Kobus Smit, Athletic Republic facility director said. “It gives us the creative ability to do a variety of exercises. We are currently in the process of developing unique protocols for every sport so that each athlete can benefit in a way that is relevant to his/her needs.”

Soccer and tennis players both use the technology to quicken their movement skills, but whereas soccer players concentrate on eye-foot coordination, tennis players wave their racquets over the light sensors and work on hand-eye coordination. The I-SPAN was set up in the facility about a month ago and according to Smit, athletes have already seen improvement while using it. “I work with a 16-year old tennis player who has always had a habit of dragging her foot when playing,” Smit said. “She has been using the I-SPAN twice a week for four weeks. Her reaction time and speed have both increased and she no longer drags her foot. The I-SPAN has really helped her.” Smit emphasizes that the I-SPAN’s greatest value is in its measurability. “You can test an athlete and actually track his/her improvement over time. That’s exactly what we want– a tangible way to prove to our athletes that the work they are doing with us is making a difference.”

According to Dynavision Sports, this feedback on the I-SPAN – which is found in several training facilities and athletic programs across the country – is common. “The I-SPAN has been on the market
for about six months, and it has made a huge splash across virtually every sport,” Mark Hallis, CMO of Dynavision Sports said. “The device is incredibly versatile and can be assembled in countless ways to accommodate different exercises and protocols – it is perfect for a place like Athletic Republic, which has such a diverse range of athletes and needs.”

Smit suggests the excitement has only begun and that there is a big future for Athletic Republic and the new vision training program. “It’s too early to reveal everything we are going to do,” Smit said. “But let’s just say community members and students outside our program are going to get a feel for all this technology has to offer.”

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