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Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I think for most competitive athletes and certainly most tactical warriors base fitness is a necessity. Yet, base fitness and programs that emphasize this aspect of strength and conditioning get little air-play. Just talking about base-fitness doesn't sound glamorous, does it?

However, a base level of physical strength and endurance should underlie just about every strength and conditioning program. It's what we should build on and return to, no different than a mountain climber returning to "base-camp" to refresh, recharge, and regroup.

For me, that's what I call base-fitness sessions, "Base-Camp." There should be some refuge here, a refocus on what's important with training and a place/time for coaches to get centered back on the basics of physical fitness, health, well-being, team-work, and communicating the plan ahead.
I like the following approach to Base-Camp Mentality:

Dynamic Warm-up: 5 minutes
Pre-Hab: Choose 4 exercises
(1) Power-Based Exercise = 20 seconds
(1) Muscular Fitness Upper = 20 seconds
(1) Muscular Fitness Lower = 20 seconds
(1) Dynamic Exercise = 20 seconds
Rest 2-3 minutes
Repeat for up to (4) total Circuits
Run 1-1.5 miles (set a cut-off time as fitness develops)

Again, this is not a specialty program by any means, but a base training session to re-emphasize the basics of physical fitness. This training type, I've found, works with athletes of all ages and genders and can serve as a happy medium to start moving forward up the hill. At that time, no different than a professional climber, advance strategies are need to be able to keep climbing the hill, to keep ascending and deal with adversity.

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