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I will admit that when the Bosu came out, I was pumped about it. I used it all the time, push ups, as a balance board, all sorts of squats, and even for some core exercises. Truth is, I was wasting my time. Here is the deal, if strength is your goal, you have to be pushing from the ground or a solid surface! There is just no way to create enough force off of a bosu ball or an unstable surface. AGREE? 


Now, there are a few things I like to use it for. I think it is a great rehab tool. Especially for ankle, knee, or shoulder injuries. So this is what I do use it for; single leg ankle hold for ankle injuries, bosu ball push ups, plank holds , and one arm push ups or plank holds for shoulder stability. I also would at the end of a rehab period when the athlete is near fully recovered work in some bosu squats, single leg squats, and plate overhead squats.I think you could also use it for all major core stability holds, similiar to what Bret Contreras shows in this link, but he uses a foam roller instead.


What the heck else would you use it for? Other ideas?

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