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Hey, I like training at a high level.  At 50 years old, I like to train myself with a lot of energy, include dynamic elements, and have a plan for my own training during the year.  Its been very beneficial to see training as experiential rather than to see it from a distant shore.  For the past number of years, my own training circle has included other exercise physiologists and fitness-seekers.  For me this has been good.  It has furthered the notion to keep asking questions, to keep seeking better answers, and to break free from what I think I know.  Not easy to do, at least for me.  

I don't have all of the answers, I don't know anyone who does.  In fact, anyone who tries to make progress in this field is going to make mistakes, a lot of them.  The intent is to continue to learn from mistakes and to learn from others and each situation.  I try not to let marketing dictate how I train and teach others, but to make sense of the need for training and start there.  

We live in a market savvy world, there's no doubt about that.  Curiosity really sells, if something looks cool, then it must work, right.  If I don't like what I hear, then you must be wrong.  If it's in a standard text book that everyone uses or on the internet, it's got to right.  This is the way we've always done things. The Russians did it in the 50s and won many gold medals.  He was an Olympian and that's how he trained, so it must work.  Take this pill, powder or potion and you'll get huge.

Break free from these things, they'll only pull you back.

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