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Here's a template out of my strength and conditioning coaching notebook.  I use variations of this "Progressions" concept extensively with good results.  The athletes at each station complete the 2 exercises and then rotate.  I could have up to 8 athletes doing the progressions and up to another 8 running simultaneously.  Pretty simple, but dynamic concept, that works indoor/outdoor, various size groups, and various skill groups.  

As with many of the workout concepts I design, I think working for "time" rather than a set rep number delivers more equality when training.  Those more fit/skilled athletes generally do more reps, those less fit/skilled do less reps.  A coaching point, too, is that it can be much easier to see whose not working hard in comparison to others when using time as an accountability mechanism.  I have clearly seen that those athletes accustomed to being weightlifting giants often don't perform as well outside of this niche when elements of conditioning or dynamic movement are added alongside of training.  In addition, having to follow a pattern of movement or "progression" and execute it correctly is another opportunity to "coach."  Here, the concept is to place dynamics inside of dynamics or layer training if you will.

During competition, this is exactly what is expected of most athletes, right, to be able to deal with a dynamic environment that really requires dynamic preparation before hand to be able to successfully negotiate the competition environment.  Well, why wouldn't we incorporate some of this logic into training sessions for athletes to learn from, to better relate training to competing? Lastly, if teaching athletes aspects of relating training to competing means little more than having athletes drag each other on the ground or play tug of war, then a significant aspect of coaching science is sorely missing.  

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