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Think about it, a training year is just 365 days.  To some this seems like a lot of time, but I'll tell you in terms of a coach being a change agent in the lives of youth, warrior or competitive athletes, it's like the blink of an eye.  Helping to develop performance attributes and athletic tradecraft simultaneously for a specific population is not an easy task and one that I've found requires consistent planning, research, analysis, consideration, and teachability on my part.  For me, this is an exciting and re-invigorating part of the job.


I believe in developing the total athlete and do not focus training time on developing one aspect of sports preparation, most commonly today that would probably be focusing training on demonstrating "isolated vertical power."  Rather, if training time is of the essence to the coach and athlete, a much more inclusive stroke of the training brush is required to keep the athlete moving forward on all fronts over time.  Granted, during the training year, the sports scientist must consider emphasizing various training segments more than others.  In the end what makes-up the total athlete is both "inter and intra-connected" and outcomes are often not as predictable as most of us would like them to be.


Certainly, having a training plan is very important; however, to get stuck in the mud with a plan, even those that are well thought out, invites non-productivity for both the coach and athlete.  Think about it, other than for a few sports such as competitive weightlifting and the likes, are not many of the variables that go into competing multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, non-sterile and dependent upon other variables such as how a unit, squad or team functions together within an unpredictable environment?  For me, although we have a plan in place, we're gonna seize the day with the training approach and make training fundamental, but dynamic and creative.  Perhaps, some of this same mindset is much of the attraction to ideologies such as cross-fit today? 


Below is the script I use to help guide performance training for competitive and warrior athletes.  The graphic serves not only to help me plan, but as an informational and educational tool for participants.


- Win the rep, win the set, win the workout!



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