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How do I Register For the CONCUSSION SUMMIT?

First, go to and fill out the contact us form. Once we receive the
information from you, we will send you an invoice from PayPal. Having a PayPal account will expedite
the registration process. Once we receive your payment as an attendee of the Summit or participant of
The Head and Neck Training Specialist Certification. Your name will be added to our roster of
attendees. Please bring your PayPal receipt and a picture I. D. to be admitted to the Forum. Those
sitting for The Head and Neck Certification will receive a study text and DVD all included in the 175.00
certification fee. Those just attending the Summit only will pay the fee of 80.00 Act fast space is limited.


Learn the skills to protect Your athletes. As a coach, it is your duty to prepare and protect the athletes under Your charge for the Rigors of their sport. Being aware that concussions exist is not enough. Learn the skill set of the ONLY EVIDENCE BASED AND CLINICALLY TESTED PROTOCOL TO REDUCE CONCUSSIVE AND SUBCONCUSSIVE FORCES.

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Reducing Concussions one Athlete at a Time

Get the Skill Set to Protect Your Athletes

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Date: Friday, April 10th, 2015   Doors Open at 8am. Summit Begins 8:30am
Where: Minnetonka High School:
Presentations will be in the The Forum
Demonstrations will be in the Pagel Center Weight Room (on the Minnetonka High School Campus)

MHS Weight Room 6Go to :  fill out the contact us page. The Text, DVD and study material will be available February 1, 2015. Registration fee covers cost of study material.

The ForumOnline Registration: $80.00 for those not wishing to get certified
$175 for those wanting to get certified “Head & Neck Training Specialists”
At the Door: $100.00 for those not wishing to get certified
$225 for those wanting to get certified “Head & Neck Training Specialists”
Dress: Casual
Changing facilities available for demonstration sessions

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