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CrossFit as a Secret Ingredient for Maximum Strength

CrossFit is making a significant impact and gains more and more attention as the time goes by. As a matter of fact every one of us probably knows someone that’s addicted to this program. You can easily recognize him or her by the crazy determination, peak physical condition and ability to withstand even the harshest challenges someone throws ahead. Let’s see why it is so, and why this particular way of exercise gives you the edge you wouldn’t have otherwise?

What is a CrossFit?

If we would have to sum up the very essence of CrossFit in only one sentence we would tell that it is full-body workout that combines weight-lifting, gymnastics, core-training and cardio, juggling between them and preparing your body for the unexpected challenges. Exercises are extremely varied, short and explosive. They usually don’t last more than 45 minutes to an hour. It is conducted in groups of 5-20 participants which helps them to stay motivated and creates competitive atmosphere. Program is also conducted only in dedicated gyms (called Boxes) which are usually repurposed warehouses.

Here are few examples how some usual sessions looks like:

  1. Do as many rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats as you can over the course of 20 minutes.

  2. 100 burpees for given time

  3. 5 sets of dead lift repetition, 1.5 mile run

Why people Enjoy It?

Sometimes criticized for its intensity, CrossFit encourages its participants to embrace discomfort and pushing body to do its limits, but that is exactly what people love and respond to. CrossFitters are a part of unique culture that spreads even outside their “Boxes”. Part of its appeal certainly lies into the very way in which exercises are conducted. Other part is in the attractive competitions, with CrossFit Games, 3 day international competition as its main event, where athletes compete for the title of “Fittest on the Earth.” CrosFitter’s lifestyle is demanding and many of them are on specific diets, namely Paleo Diet or use powerful boosters and pre workout supplement in order to achieve that maximum strength and survive demanding tasks they are subjecting themselves to. Measurable results are, on the other side, worthy reward.

Difference from Other Workouts

Regular lifting, although an important part of every exercise program, if conducted isolated, somewhat pales in comparison. It tends to become very boring after some time, especially for beginners, and it is very muscle specific. That doesn’t mean that CrossFit is ideal way of exercising for everyone. If you are recovering from an injury you will want to focus workout on very specific muscle groups. Lifting can also be more individualized. Crossfit shouldn’t be confused with hybrid trainings, which are essentially two or more exercises combined together, either. CrossFit focuses more on the high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, which provides better overall results and big health benefits.

Building Increased Strength and Endurance

One of the most important reasons that makes this method stand out is the fact that CrossFit puts strength and endurance in the first place and the looks comes as the logical consequence of working out. By putting the emphasis on the high power functional movements instead of low power and isolated ones, CrossFit creates more stamina, better coordination and core strength and increased agility and balance. When joining forces with the right diet it is extremely efficient fat killer. All of this amounts to better overall real-life performance in multiple disciplines. CrossFit also targets several metabolic systems instead of just one, like many other sports, promoting intensity as its goal and guiding light. And for the participants, intensity equals power and extra strength. Compared to Powerlifting, whose sole purpose is to provide sheer strength and ability of lifting heavy weights with fewer repetitions CrossFit still provides more stamina, body coordination and endurance and that is its greatest achievement.

So, with the way it is conducted, attractive competitions and most importantly increased strength, stamina and endurance, with good looks also in the mix, we can see both appeal and obvious benefits of something that started its journey as an ordinary workout program dedicated for people who push themselves to their limits. If you think you are one of them and you need that secret ingredient for maximum strength, we say it’s worth a try.

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