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How can you CONSISTENTLY feel and perform your best?

Have you ever been in the zone? Or what some call the flow state?

If you have then you know it's a feeling of performing your best and no one can stop you!

In this brand new podcast series on decoding the science of flow, I decided to go to the world's leading source, Steven Kotler, author of the book 'The Rise of Superman' and find out how we can tap the flow state at any moment.

In part two we discuss the following:

  • What is meant by the term 'neurochemical cocktail' in the flow state?
  • What are the 4 stages of flow?
  • Why you should make frustration your friend
  • Why coaches should not rush through the recovery phase so quickly
  • What are 'flow triggers' and how can coaches use these to help get the most out of their athletes?
  • The 4 categories of 'flow triggers'
  • Why flow follows focus
  • How can coaches help create an environment that sparks flow for an athlete?
  • What do you mean by 'stretch but not snap'?
  • What is the concept of 'lateralize' mean for athletes?

CLICK HERE to listen and access the show notes.

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