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Detroit Lions Inaugural Strength and Conditioning Clinic

I was blessed to be 1 of 123 people invited to the Detriot Lions Annual Strength and Conditioning Clinic on March 3rd, 2011. The Head Strength Coach Jason Arapoff served as the MC for the clinic. The presenters for the clinic were Dr. Ted Lambrinedes (Univ of Kentucky Asst Strength & Conditioning Coach), Jim Kielbaso (Director, Total Performance Training Center) & Ted Rath (Detroit Lions Asst Strength & Conditioning Coach)
1st Presentation: Dr. Ted Lambrinides-Optimizing Sports Nutrition

Poor eating habits can lead to loss of strength, endurance, speed, coordination, & risk of injury
Pre-Workout (Strength Training) 1 hour before-need for adequate fluid intake and some fuel 12-15 grams of protein with 35 grams of carbohydrate BEFORE lifting
Eating right after workout is more effective because of the Cortisol effects (helping Anti-inflammatory effects
4 oz Turkey on whole wheat sandwich is the equvilant of a certain of a certain supplement, lets call it lyoplex.
Approximately 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight immediately after and another 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight 2 hours later
Calorie intake for at athletes at rest. Bodyweight (pounds) x 13
With exercise- 14-23 calories per pound of bodyweight. Females
18-27 calories per pound body weight-Males
Ephredrine caused a few NFL players to have an accelerated heart rate during practice and games therefore causing health and heart issues for players. NFL banned this substance right afterwards.
At rest: 8-13 cups per day. Drink 10-20 oz BEFORE Exercise. 10-20 oz per hour of exercise. 20 oz
NFL & NCAA Position on Supplements. The player is responsible for what they put in there body.
The food supplement industry is unregulated: BUYER BEWARE.

2nd Presentation: Jim Kielbaso-Agility & Acceleration

Acceleration Mechanics-Force Application.
Forward Lean-not at the hips
Knees Up-Toes up. Drive back to go forward.
Finish each step before taking another.
Pushing & Pulling Sleds: Pull light weight-approximately 15% of bodyweight. Short distances-under 20 yards, high intensity.
Long rest periods. Push for power and conditioning
Incorporate Acceleration Mechanics into Agility Training. Accelerate from different stances. Accelerate with a cross-over for many different sports.
Accelerate into & out of directional changes. DONT worry about toys.

3rd Presentation: Ted Rath-Strength Training

Injury Prevention-2 major areas of focus, NECK and SHOULDER Capsule
Enhance Abilities used to play game: Strength, Speed, Power/Explosiveness, Quickness & Endurance
Keep in mind Genetic Factors affect strength development. Body Types Ectomorph=small bones/thin muscles. Mesomorph=muscular/big boned. Endomorph=roundness/softness
Technique-Educate and reinforce proper form with all exercises, particularly the more complex lifts
Balanced Fitness Formula for a Football Player: Nutrition, Muscular Fitness, Cardiovascular Fitness, Speed Development, Position Specific Conditioning, Flexilibility, Rest
Efficiency: Routines organized and structured. No waisted time. How is the room organized. Total body or split routines
Improvement is measured by Recording workout data each day! Strength/Speed/Agility Testing
Balance is the key to their strength program. Emphasize total body program development. There program is designed to develop every muscle group in the body. They place equal value on every exercise performed.
Success takes alot of variables: Training the entire body, using any and all equipment available, rest, proper technique during every exercise.
TRAIN THE NECK, & last but not least your potenital for size and strength is ultimately determined by your genetics.
Be creative with your exercise additions: Towels, Olympic Weights, Manual Resistance.
Overall, the clinic has to be 1 of the most organized clinics I've ever been to! Everything was very well structured, plotted out and at the end of the clinic the presentee's took time to answer questions and just mingle. The coordinator of athletic medicine Dean Kleinschmidt also stuck around to answer questions for the athletic trainers at the clinic. There was a raffle at the end of the clinic also.
My personal opinion, this is the 1st of a long line of clinics that the Detriot Lions will do. I am very blessed to have been apart of the experience.

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