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Do you currently use an injury risk profile program? If not here's how...

In this episode of 'Coach's You Should Know' I have a conversation with my buddy David Joyce about his latest book 'Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabiliation' and we talk about:

-What does the phrase 'Coach Your Best' mean to you?
-What were the 2-3 things that you took away from your experience when writing this book?
-What was your favorite chapter in this book?
-What do you mean by the 'injury risk profiling process'?
-How do you apply the 'Generic Warning Index' to sports?
-Breaking down an injury risk profile for an Olympic Swimmer
-How to create a 'Specific Warning Index'
-The BEST podcast episode David has listened two in the past two years!
-How often should a coach 'screen' an athlete?

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