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Dynavision Reaction Trainer featured on ESPN Sport Science NASCAR Segment

Dynavision Sports’ D2 technology was featured this weekend on ESPN Sport Science. The device was used to test NASCAR driver Carl Edwards’ reaction time in varying conditions. 


The D2 contains a sphere of buttons that light up in random succession and is designed to measure, track and improve reaction time, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination and other visual-motor skills. During the Sport Science segment, Edwards had to call out random flashing numbers and track lights, all while being blasted by noises.


“That’s the kind of environment that we race in,” Edwards said during the segment. “There is a lot of noise; you are focusing on different things. You are having to verbalize something a lot of times about the car. So that’s actually a really good test.”


Other racers who have used the technology include NASCAR’s Kasey Kahne; NHRA 2010 Top Fuel Champion Larry Dixon; and several seasoned and rookie motor sports athletes who train regularly on the D2 and I-SPAN at Indianapolis-based PitFit Training.


“Drivers are instantly drawn to the D2,” Mark Hallis, CMO of Dynavision Sports said. “This type of training allows athletes to improve their reaction times and maintain focus – and when half a second can mean the difference between winning and losing, this training is invaluable.”


Dynavision technology also can be found at Gatorade Sports Science Institute, IMG Performance Institute, the University of Cincinnati, University of Central Florida, Baylor University, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, WestPoint, the Air Force Academy and several other athletic programs across the country.




The ESPN Sport Science segment can be viewed here:


For more information on Dynavision, please visit:

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