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Errors of Commission, Errors of Omission

For as long as I can remember the prevalent thought was that injuries were the result of something that was not being done in training. Perhaps it was a lack of core strength, proper leg strength or a deficiency in proprioception. Over the past several years I have a distinct shift. I am seeing injuries occurring because of what we are doing. Ironically some of it is because of the so-called “corrective exercise” movement that consists of isolated movements designed to prevent injury. This is often done in lieu of training because these “deficiencies” that are being addressed supposedly would not allow normal training. Some of it is the selection and subsequent inclusion of exercises in the training program specifically designed to prevent injury, prime examples would be the so-called Nordic hamstring curl to address hamstring injuries or the throwers ten to address shoulder injuries. Neither exercise has prevented hamstring or shoulder injuries.

Maybe it is time to take a giant step back and look at the big picture to assess what we are doing and not doing, because we are not preventing injuries. In fact injuries at all levels of sport are off the charts. There is no substitute for a systematic, sequential progressive training program that is pedagogically sound. Injury prevention should be a transparent part of the training program. Remedial exercises are part of a sound training progression. In fact the key to all this is progression, doing the appropriate exercises based on the athletes level of development and fundamental physical competencies. There is no substitute for a sound training program. You have to walk before you run and you have to run before you sprint. Take a close look at what you are and what you are not doing.

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Comment by Craig Cheek on May 17, 2012 at 10:23am

telling people your program prevents injuries is a set up for failure. the first torn ACL you experience you are going to have to answer why your program did not prevent it.


i prefer to use the word durable. we cannot prevent anything.

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