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Establishing & Accomplishing Team Strength Goals Introduction Phase (Moderate)

Too many times I get asked how do you keep up with setting and accomplishing team strength and athletic goals.

The answer is... I don't have all the answers, and I may be wrong. But it works for our program.


I start with a face to face sit down with the athlete. As coaches we determine what position or possible position the athlete will be playing (we do this with every sport). At this point it all depends on what level they are in our program. If they have been with us for a while and know the techniques and terminology that we use. Then we go for a baseline. Before anyone sets a baseline I have them tell me... almost teach me the steps I am looking for in that specific lift. Usually done with the barbell or a wood dowel.

Once that is complete we will get a body weight. We take the athletes BW and multiply by .72 (example: 200 X .72= 144) to establish a max resistance weight. Of course there are going to be kids who are much stronger, and/or much weaker. Our rule is; for the induction phase of training we will stay at that weight for a week. If after a week they can complete every rep, on every exercise with correct technique we will add 30 lbs to their one rep max. If they complete the sets, and reps for another week we move up one more time. That will get us into the third week of a 9 week cycle. At that point they will only be allowed to move up every 2 weeks no more then 10lbs total. We will slow the reps down. Lifting slowly prolongs muscle tension and increases blood flow. At the end of the 9 week cycle we will max rep bench, squat, clean. Auxiliary lifts like pull ups, DB rows, DB incline press, etc. are done with a resistance the athlete can perform as instructed.

Next blog will be Accomplishing Team Strength Goals Introduction Phase-Beginner/New Athlete

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