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Fit for the Test or Fit to Play for the Game

Do you want your athletes fit for the test or fit to play for the game? There is a real and distinct difference on one hand and some real lessons to be learned on the other. It all depends how the “fitness” tests are used and how they are framed in the overall context of the annual and career plan. The goal is accurate feedback in a competitive environment of the physical qualities that could determine success in the game. Selection and timing of tests sends a message. Therefore, decide what message you want to send. If you are going to use a two or three mile run test upon reporting for practice, then you are sending a message to the team that it is an endurance sport and they need to get ready for that. The game could be the opposite, but if their place on the team depends on it they will train for the test!

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Comment by Steven Moorman on September 5, 2018 at 4:22pm

Also another problem i see is coaches so concerned with moving heavy weight and not focusing on building a better athlete. I hate to see a kid with a 500 lbs squat and 150+ kilo clean and they only jump 25 inches in their vertical and cant transition from a forward run to a backwards run smoothly 

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