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Functional, Integrated Rehabilitation of the Sprained Ankle: A Practitioners Manual

Imported Photos 00181 Joe Przytula is a good friend, professional colleague and a member of the GAIN Apprentorship faculty. I first met Joe when he attended one of my seminars around 15 years ago. From day one he impressed me with his hunger for knowledge and desire to improve himself. Joe is the trainer at Elizabeth high school in New Jersey, one of the largest public high schools in the state. He is the only athletic trainer for over 5,000 students! His facilities are limited so he had to learn to improvise.

Joe has written an eBook - "Functional, Integrated Rehabilitation of the Sprained Ankle: A Practitioners Manual." The ideas and techniques that Joe shares in this outstanding book were born out of necessity. He knows the body and how to properly use a functional approach to both prevent injury and to get the athlete back to full participation after injury. Joe’s book is filled with pearls of wisdom that will help you immediately. This is a tremendous resource by an outstanding professional. It is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in eBook format for a very affordable $9.95.

Barnes and Noble:

In my estimation a book like this written by a professional who lives this everyday and produces results without fancy equipment and modalities is worth paying attention to. This is not theory, it is about practice and practical methods to get your athletes better after an ankle sprain. I can’t wait until he does one on the upper extremity, it will be a game changer.

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