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Each year we pick a theme for GAIN, this year’s theme was Coaching that Matters. Regardless of everyone’s job we all coaching the people we work with to get better, in order to do that we must focus on what matters most. My biggest take message from GAIN V was to focus on what you can do, not what you can't do and go out and get after it and get it done. No obstacle is too big and adversity is an opportunity.

GAIN V Manula CoverThis year I wanted to make the GAIN Coaching Resource manual more of a focus to guide our early morning learning session. I think this enabled the attendees to leave with a rich resource of exercises, but with more of the how and why. I also wanted to incorporate more active learning opportunities and demonstrations than we had in the past in order to make the lectures come alive. 

DSC02717I can’t say enough about the instructors. The quality of the presentations was the highest level. They were practical yet challenging to force us to stretch our thinking. Over the next few weeks I plan on talking about each of the presentations and the take home messages from each.

I want to thank the sponsors whose generosity helped make GAIN V aEd Ryan success - Perform Better, ASICS, PolyMem (Ferris Industries), Alta Innovations (Optojump), KinesioCapture, Lane Gainer, and Hexlite Training Bar. I also want to thank my wife Melissa whose tireless work behind the scenes helped make GAIN a success and last but least Ed Ryan ATC whose superb organizational and management skills made the schedule work.

If you interested in attending GAIN IV drop me an email and I will send you information. We will have the 2013 dates set by the end of July. I can’t wait for next year!

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This is a gallery of our active learning sessions:

DSC02617 DSC02634 DSC02643 DSC02658 DSC02667 DSC02675 DSC02676 DSC02702 DSC02729 DSC02739 DSC02784 DSC02790 DSC02795 DSC02798 DSC02810

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