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Gainesville High School Strength and Conditioning.

We take pride in our academics as well as our athletics. Gainesville HS has a long history of academic athletes that perform on and off the field.

We are a Buddy Morris, Loui Simmons mentality weight room. We lift in the off season to build athletes. We incorportate Olympic lifts with performance movments to increase strength, increase mobility, and decrease injury. Our athletes must be able to move in 8 different directions with strength and agility.

During the season we believe this is a time to continue to improve. Although we do not strive for great load increases, we do thrive for greater flexiblity and better shoulders, hip, knee, and ankle flexibility. We focus to improve the core stabilization and keep the central nervous system stimulated during the course of the season. We preach taking care of your body, get therapy, increase your tendon and ligament strength... These are not signs of weakness, it's just plain smart.

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