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I kind of think training is all about generating ideas and following up on them to see if they're usable in the context of each situation.  Ideas take time to develop and usually involve not just thought and reflection, but something or someone to bounce those thoughts off of. 

For me, I try and work my training thoughts out within the context of those I train with during my own workouts long before I commit to using them with others.  I'll usually write new ideas down on paper and then try and analyze them.   After, I'll create a script for myself and workout partner to use.  I'll also video some of the workout segments and try to explain the context out loud.  After, I'll review the footage to see if what I'm describing really makes sense.  I ask others for feedback as well and have a close enough cadre to let me know, "Hey, that idea is really confusing," or "That's pretty good, but what if you added this?"

For sure, it could be very enticing to surround myself with like-personality type people and never challenge my own thinking, but that's a trap.  It sounds great; however, it can be a stagnant pathway.

What formula are you using to generate new ideas? 

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