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Good training is elegant in it’s simplicity. Everything is planned. The execution is crisp, clear and focused. There is no fluff. The emphasis is on the need to do exercises, drills and movements that produce results and meet the objectives of the workout. Everything is manageable, measureable, and motivational. Manageable in that it can be done efficiently in the time available. Good training will effectively use the personal and facilities available. Good training is measurable in that results are recorded, what can be timed and counted is counted. The results are evaluated to gauge progress and adjust volume and intensities. It is motivational in that the athlete and coaches see the results and are driven to go forward in pursuit of the training and competition objects. They know what they are doing will produce results in the competitive arena. It is not entertainment. Each workout has a clearly defined specific goal and objective. Each workout is in context with the workout that preceded it and the one that will follow. Last but not least the training session is coached. This clearly implies that the coach is active in the process, providing clear concise instructions, correcting when necessary and praising when warranted. Evaluate your training or that of your colleagues in this context, it will be very clear if it is good training or bad training. Good training works, it produces results where it matters, in the competitive arena.

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