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It has been said that gravitational forces are forces of attraction.  In other words larger objects are always pulling smaller objects towards them.  

How about the field of performance training for athletes and tactical warriors?  In which direction are coaches and trainees being pulled? 

It really depends on the attraction value of the information or content, doesn't it?  In other words, I am probably going to be pulled in the direction of those training avenues or outcomes that I already value myself, all things being equal. 

Can we break away from the gravitational pull already at work?  Yes, I think so, but there probably needs to be some strong motivation to do so.

- What's at the center mass of your program? 

- What is the pull or attraction to participate? 

- Is it producing results that can be seen on the field of competition?  Can I define this?

- Or, are the results more pertinent to the weight-room?

- What is the health status of the participants, do I know they are healthy or just assuming this because there have been no complaints of injury?



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