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During the goal setting process with an athlete or fitness client (Step 1 of The Flexible Periodization Method) it is of great benefit to the strength coach or personal trainer if we have “extra gear” in our understanding of what goals are.

The “extra gear” that I am referring to is an understanding of goals (desires) on a spiritual level – the root level of our existence. Below are some ideas about goals that can be found in the spiritual literature:

“There is only one mind, only one will. Your desires and God’s desires are one.”– John Randolph Price (The Jesus Code)

“The desires I experience is the Supreme seeking a more complete expression.” – Wallace D Wattles (The Science of Getting Rich)

“Your desires are God’s spoken words.” – Neville Goddard  (Your Faith is Your Fortune).

“I AM that which I seek.” – Neville Goddard.

“The driving force behind all life is the Supreme seeking to know itself by becoming things.”

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

“Your desires are your destiny.” – U S Anderson (Three Magic Words)

“Your desires carry the mechanism of Manifestation.” – Deepak Chopra.

Yes to Strength belief # 5, includes “taking into account body, mind and spirit” into the creation of the training program.

All the above ideas deal with our relation to Spirit – our spirituality. Thus, these ideas are a natural part of working with the Flexible Periodization Method.

For a full understanding of the above ideas, I strongly recommend to read the listed resources!

Thank you for reading to the end of this Blog post!

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