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Head AND Neck Training Specialist Certification


Head AND Neck Training Specialist Certification

Head & Neck Training Specialist Certification
Preparing and Protecting Your Athletes During Competition
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Strengthening the head, neck and surrounding cervical structures is the ONLY organic contingency within our control to prepare individuals to withstand potentially injurious forces.

The most important goal of the strength and conditioning professional is to PRUDENTLY PREPARE the individuals for the rigors of the task. As such, given the catastrophic consequences of a cervical spine and traumatic brain injury, the strengthening of the head, neck and surrounding muscular structures of the cervical spine MUST be considered PRIORITY ONE in the prescription and design of exercise routines. Two Day Concussion Reduction Methodology Seminar – Learn the skills and knowledge to prepare and protect your athletes from concussive and sub concussive forces. Evidence based, proactive, hands-on instruction taught by experienced professionals and expert practitioners. NSCA Approved CEU’s.

Certified Head and Neck Training Specialist Certification - Seminar

We are confirmed for 9AM-4PM Friday, April 10th in the Forum (and later in the MHS Weight Room) for our Certification/ Seminar!!!

Minnatonka High School

  1. Minnetonka High School is a four-year public high school located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a western suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul. 18301 Minnesota 7, Minnetonka, MN 55345
  2. The price is 175. 00 because we are about to launch Project Neck II and this is a one time price, because of the location and the historical significance to concussion rate reduction in competitive sports. We will be offering CEUs from the NSCA and hotel accommodations will be announced very soon. The HIT Resurgence Clinic will be very close to our facility so we may be able to use their hotel and received a reduced rate . Thanks.



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Dr. Ralph Cornwell Jr.                                                                                  Mark Asanovich MA Mark Asanovich










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