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How To Manage A High Performance Culture w/Richard LePage- Dir. of Performance Cirque Du Soleil

From Playing Youth Hockey To Becoming An Olympic Super G Coach To Being The Performance Director For Cirque du Soleil

In this episode of 'Coaches You Should Know' I have a conversation with Coach Richard LePage, Performance Director for Cirque du Soleil. Richard and I had the privilege of spending a day and a half together in Charlotte, NC this past summer and here is what all we discussed:

  • How do you connect with an elite athlete that doesn't want to have a relationship?
  • What it's like to manage, coach, assess, and be responsible for over 1,500 artists and athletes
  • Performance strategies for athletes who have to perform twice a day for mutliple days and up to 180 shows a year
  • Why it's so important to build relationships with the early adopters in your program
  • How do you get a team of 60 coaches that you are responsible for to buy in to your philosophy?
  • Why the BIGGEST coaching egos are not at the top level
  • Plus more!

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