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If you can't even do THIS ONE THING don't bother using technology

The mission of the Coach Your Best podcast is to create a conversation designed to provide you with tips and strategies to help make your athletes better!

Here in part two of the series with Coach Carl Valle we discuss:

  • What exactly does the term technology mean?
  • Using technology in sports performance
  • What's the relationship between technology and testing?
  • Why coaches need to create sustainable workflows when using technology
  • If you can't even do THIS ONE THING don't bother using technology
  • For coaches just getting started with technology start here
  • The difference between training to get better numbers vs training to get better
  • Are coaches using medballs incorrectly?
  • What's the real purpose of why athletes should use medballs?
  • The relationship between the low back and acceleration
  • The #1 problem with the medball chest pass to sprint exercise
  • "Medicine balls are to be used to express abilities not build abilities"
  • Understanding loading progressions when using medballs

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