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Using The 4-3-2 Principle In Leadership

Whether you're trying to build a strength & conditioning program, a pro sports team, an entire athletics department, a company, or a lemonade stand, there are 4 non-negotiables that have to be in place:

1. A Vision

2. The RIGHT person to implement that vision on a day to day basis

3. Support: administrative/management level and financial 

4. Perserverance

If you start with these, then 1 of 3 things has to happen:

1. Administration/management will give up 

2. The person in charge of the day to day implementation of the Vision will give up 

3. It will work 

So, 2 questions need to be constantly asked by everyone in the organization, everyday:

1. "Do we really believe in the Vision that was cast"?

2. "Do we need to modify the Vision at all?"

It almost sounds too simple, but follow this and it'll either get done or it won't. At least in the end, there won't be any question in your mind as to what happened.

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