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Integrating and Coaching Human Systems

We could learn a lot from our friends in the military and those with NASA in regards to how we develop and monitor human systems within the athletic population.  Personally, I would do away with sports strength and conditioning departments, that's a dated system with roots in 1950s Russian training.  One that was founded on a system based in the sport of weightlifting and that was deceptively full of scientific cheating methods.  

We can and need to do better.  Rather, we should develop institutions that promote, develop, and monitor the human systems of athletes.  This means we need to think differently about how we see training for athletes and how we develop professionals within the field based on human systems development or integration rather than Olympic weightlifting practices.

The time will come when the "niche" strength and conditioning coach of today will become a dinosaur.  Maybe quicker than we think. Rather, hybrid, generalist professionals will probably arise to create a new way.  It's already happening. Here's an idea I've been developing for a handful of years now based on John Wooden's Pyramid of Success.

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