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It"s NOT about the HELMET! (Part One)

It's NOT About the HELMET! 

 Helmets do the job they were intended for: TO Reduce the Probability of having your skull fracture during collisions, falls and any type of accident involving an external insult to the cranium.

Helmets are not solving the problem. Helmets just don’t reduce concussions.  In fact, large helmets on Pop Warner football players just add to the weight of the player’s head which in turn is supported by small, under developed necks. 

Parents put their faith in the claims of helmet companies to protect their children.  However, according to Alison Brooks of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, parents should be wary of such claims. Dr. Brooks said, “We were getting questions from coaches and parents about helmet companies saying their helmets can prevent concussions. There's really no evidence to support that.” 

Much current research and existing theory looks to helmet technology to protect athletes from concussion.  That research, however, is finding that helmets are unable to protect athletes against concussions at a truly effective level.


Pro-activity must be paramount with regards to the concussion epidemic. Concussions are going to occur in sports, but as the kinetic energy is lowered by increasing the size (mass) of the cylinder (neck) through direct, full range motion resistance exercises and by increasing the stiffness or strength of the neck, the athlete will dissipate kinetic energy to the larger muscles of the lower body. If forces are lowered, then the athlete will concuss less, and debilitating sub-concussive forces will be less as well. The athlete can then play longer, with less residual damage to the brain.


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