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Athletic development is about optimizing training to enhance performance in the competitive arena. The basic concepts are quite simple. Simplicity yields complexity; you don’t have to try to make it complicated. That is why being a generalist is so important; it will allow you to make relationships that the specialist because of their narrower vision will not see. Sophisticated technology and computer algorithms are part of a much bigger picture. Over reliance on tools and technology will not get the job done. You need to use your experience to ask key questions and interpret the data. Without that, high tech tools are no more than random number generators that confuse us rather guide us.

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Comment by Vern Gambetta on October 12, 2016 at 1:26pm

Thanks for the comment

Comment by Coach Sam Keator on October 12, 2016 at 12:10pm

Very good coach, very good. 

Technology is a great tool. However the human creation has been "lifting" since the era of the caveman. Simple is better, ALMOST always.

I used to do the S&C clinics years ago. HOWEVER now it is simply a marketing ploy. Fitness is a business. Every angle is being exploited. The next best b...s... thing.

I can think of 4 things I was skeptical about, and now use all the time. 1.) Hudl- First time I saw Hudl I didn't think it could even come close to doing what it does for us in the weight room and football field. We video workouts, as the kids lift, we have iPads rolling and replay them on projector so athlete's can see there lift from across the weight room. 2.) VertiMax; Absolutely hands down the best thing to happen to S&C since HammerStrength. 3.) Weight releasers. We use the weight releasers for bench and squat. Major contributor to what we do. I especially use it when I am training my football players. LOAD, and BURST 4.) Workout cards; I never thought you could get it done while remaining efficient. It actually made us more efficient and effective.

I use a computer to take attendance (only because district makes us), to watch the Hudl videos, to keep the master sheet of workout cards, to keep track of team S&C protocol/daily progressions, and to contribute to Strength Performance Network!

Way too often you see coaches who are mixing and matching their work outs. I call them YouTube coaches. Absolutely do NOT have a clue as to what they are doing. They honestly believe they are bettering their athletes when in fact they are hindering them. The human body can be pushed to extraordinary length. It's an amazing machine. Like a machine it needs to be made well (genetics), it needs to have fuel to burn (nutrition), it needs to be tuned up (max effort), it needs to have a good suspension and steering (range of motion/flexibility), and need to be able to run at peak performance when you press the pedal (strength and conditioning).  

Sorry I got to rambling coach. I get all passionate about this stuff. My wife sometimes looks at me like I am admitting to having an affair... because I get so excited. 40-still off and running!

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