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There has been much attention in the media regarding the Phoenix Suns executive who came out this past week. I believe that real progress will occur when he no longer has to “come out.” When he accepted for whom and what he is – a human being. It is the same with race and religion, another headline about so and so as the fifth XYZ category to be hired as a head coach is not progress in my eyes. Real progress will be when these things are not news. I guess I view the world differently, I have seen prejudice and known prejudice, but I do not judge people by their skin color, sexual persuasion, religion or political beliefs. We will have made real progress when all people are judged on their merits not some convenient category that allows us to pigeon hole them. As a certified idealist and dreamer that is a dream I would like to see come true in my lifetime, not just in sport but in society.

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Comment by Cat Wade on May 21, 2011 at 2:03pm

Vern - 

I could not agree more with you. 

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