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Major Characteristics of Periodization Systems

Last year I finished a book called Performance Optimization with Periodization for the Danish Sport Federation (my home  country - now living in Canada). Part of the task was comparing well known periodization systems to find out which one is "best".

After reviewing a large amount of studies (linear periodization, reverse linear periodization, daily undulating periodization, flexible nonlinear periodization, conjugate periodization and block periodization) I felt that I reached an understanding that there is no best system. There is a best system for a given athlete, in a given situation at a given point in time. I ended up  seeing (so far) 6 major characteristics of the various periodization systems

Simplification of Periodization Tip # 9: A major characteristic of  any periodization system is what length of preparation, structure of competition period and number of yearly peaks the system is designed for

Simplification of Periodization Tip # 10: A second (of 6) characteristic of any periodization system is the training age – low or high - that is required to benefit from the system.

Simplification of Periodization Tip # 11: A third (of 6) characteristics of any periodization system if the system is based on a parallel or sequential development of physical abilities.

Simplification of Periodization Tip # 12: A fourth (of 6) characteristics of any periodization system is the application of variation and contrast in the training program.

Simplification of Periodization Tip # 13: A fifth (of 6) characteristics of any periodization system is the pattern for changes in volume and intensity.

Simplification of Periodization Tip # 14: A sixth (of 6) characteristics of any periodization system is  any use of auto regulation and/or cybernetic periodization, where the program and progression can be modified based on the athletes preparedness on the day. y.

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