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Helping to prepare athletes for competition is really about making meaning rather than making athletes. Wait a minute, what do you mean by that, you might be asking? Making meaning is all about foster change, growth, development, and refinement.
So, how do I try and make meaning in those I work with? I think a lot of this starts with a good coaching mindset. What's my purpose? To help foster athletic development. How can I go about doing this? Try and employ a set of best practices for each situation. What are my expectations? To be an agent for change and attach myself to facilitating quality, not so much to quantity.
It can be so very easy to be about making PRs, making money, making athletes, but this is to lose sight of the real job at hand, making meaning.
How can I be more effective today at making the training meaningful? How can I relate aspects of the training environment to that of the competitive environment? How can I better sell athletes on discipline, character, and commitment, and less on magical lifts, reps, or time? How can I better relate to those I work with and try and understand things through their perspective? How can I be more teachable? How can I make meaning?

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