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The mindset of an athlete may be his/her most valuable commodity. Strength and conditioning coaches play a valuable role in helping to shape young athletes and in more experienced athletes coaches can help athletes to train smarter and refine strength and conditioning on a more functional pathway.
It's important how we carry ourselves as coaches, as professionals, as helping agents. It's also very critical how we frame training in the context of trying to foster better competitors.
Personally, I think it's a mistake to try and sell an athlete that any one exercise in the weight-room has magical powers to illicit qualities such as power and explosion outside of the training room beyond what an athlete currently possess or is willing to use. Yet, this is what is often shaped or scripted to young athletes. Let me tell you, one, no exercise has the power to make an athlete more powerful and explosive in activities dissimilar to the exercise and two, it misleads athletes down a trail of chasing a mystical barbell load and nowadays a magical Newton, Joule, or Watt.
Perhaps, we would be better to shape athletes towards the aspects of training that have deeper meaning. How about the thought that goes into training smart, the dedication of one's self to a purpose, the discipline to train when you don't want to, and the determination to not give up when things don't go well.
Now, I will tell you it's much harder initially to go down the character path vs. the mystical path, especially in young athletes who want to train like they see others in cool looking videos or youtube channels. But, the long-term rewards are much, much more substantial. Don't just train hard, but train smart. Don't just train smart, but train with a purpose. Don't just train with a purpose, but train with a better understanding of the purpose behind the purpose.

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