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Doing more is quite seductive. Often when you begin to do more the returns are quite impressive, so the temptation is do even more. The logic is didn’t I just make big improvements by doing more? So you do more – more training sessions, more weight, more mileage on and on. What’s the result? The more is better blues – If you are lucky it is just stagnation, a plateau, if not it is an injury or steep regression. There is no need to go this route; more is certainly not better. There is a time a time and place to do more as part of a normal progression, but to constantly try to do more will quickly yield diminishing returns. Train smart, focus on quality and efficiency in training. Never lose sight of the fact that training is preparation for competition, so training should never be an end unto itself. Do what is necessary, not more. Always remember training accumulates so less can be more.

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