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Movement Prep (Preparing the athlete to move)

Movement Preparation (Preparing the athlete to move) During Movement Prep the goal is to increase core body temperature, address key mobility and stability demands, and activate the nervous system. It should be done so using movements and speeds specific to the program for the day. Moving from an isolation focus to an movement integration focus, movements will begin simple and slowly move towards more complex patterns at a higher rate of speed. This  safely prepares the body physically and mentally for the training followed. 
1.( GLUTE Activation) I start by activating the glutes using mini-bands around the knees and/or the ankles. The client will perform one round of movements with the legs completely extended and one round of movements in an athletic base where they are flexed at the hip, knee and ankle. Movements will be linearly and/or laterally focused based on the training session that follows
2. (Dynamic Stretches) Glute activation will be followed by specific dynamic stretches that address key mobility and stability demands for that client in terms of that training day. These stretches can be executed in-place or moving over a distance for a designated series of repetitions.
3. (Integrated Marches and Skips) From dynamic stretches we move into specific marching and skipping patterns that focus on reactivity and force production through the hip, knee and ankle. These movements will be linearly and/or laterally focused based on the training session that follows.
4. (Neural Activation/Rapid Response) From marching and skipping we move into rapid response. All movements will be done from an athletic base and the client will move through the hip, knee and ankle at high speeds for 3-5 second intervals. The agility ladder work can fit into this section as prescribed.
Darelle Noel
FS Performance Systems
Performance Specialist

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