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According to Ms. Rosalinde Torres, most business leaders aren't well prepared to thrive in the 21st century.  Certainly, many of us working in the field of coaching and developing human performance can be considered leaders, even if just locally, and may very well fall into the category of being ill-prepared to lead the groups we train into the future.  

I think Ms. Torres' concerns may have some merit as there seems to be this inherent urge for modern coaches to train in a one-size fits all manner, to develop athletes who are very much "niche"-based, and for this increasing mantra that those who do not think like everyone else to be wrong.

My friends, this is a prescription for developing average, injured, and uninterested athletes and tactical warriors.  It is also an invitation for athletes to seek advantages through pills, powders, con-men, and pop-culture training methods.

Here are three questions the prudent coach may ask him/herself to better prepare for moving forward in the art of human development and performance training rather than being stuck with practices that have grown ineffective.

1. How am I looking to anticipate change in effective training practices and leadership models?

2. How diverse is my professional network?

3. Can I be courageous enough to abandon the past and move forward with new ideas?


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