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You don’t have a weight room – So what? Does that mean you don’t strength training? No way. Facilities can be a crutch, use what you have to make your athletes better. Over the years I have worked in situations where I have had excellent facilities and other situations where there were none. In both cases the quality of the training was the same. I have never based training on facilities or equipment; my approach from the start of my career was that the key is the program and the coaches who coach the program. Champions can made anywhere with good coaches with a "can do attitude." You need to be creative, imaginative and adaptable. Never let facilities or lack thereof dictate what you can or cannot do. No track, lay one out is parking lot or hallway. A 20 yard pool, so what? You will be great on turns, you might have do more tethered swimming, but you can and will get it done. For strength training think "weight room without walls." This is how champions are made. I look at the palatial facilities at the pro teams, universities and private training centers and I much see less done with more. They seem to focus on the machines, technology, and the ambiance. Focus on what is important – The athlete and coaching to make them better. No facilities, no problem!

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Comment by Floyd Headen on February 26, 2011 at 1:56pm

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